Air France trials immersive headset entertainment

Air France has been testing an immersive entertainment system since Aug’17, allowing customers to enjoy 3D

and 2D films and series through virtual reality headsets, from start-up SkyLights.

The system has been tested on board Paris-Charles de Gaulle to St. Martin and St. Martin to Paris-Charles de Gaulle flights. The in-flight entertainment is available for customers travelling in business class on the A340 on this route to try, with four headsets offered on board with a selection of around forty films and TV series.

The trial run will be a valuable learning experience for the airline to gain feedback on improving passenger experience with entertainment systems, and provides SkyLights with the benefit of being able to continue to develop and improve its solution.

At the end of the test period, the new system could be rolled out on other flights in the months ahead.