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Death Wish 2018

Death Wish 2018 AC3 Full Movie Torrent Download

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KEPCO floor becomes divided people: a man who preserves life, a person who leads them; husband and father are trying to take care of their family, and in the shadows, who have fought against Chicago crime; A surgeon who pulls a bullet from the suspects’ body, and is carefully named Grim Reaper, which detects the detention closed.

Family Manbecomes a drum to kill killings when his family is brutally attacked by the robber. Dr. Paul KEPCO (Bruce Willis) is not a surgeon who sees only the consequence of violence in the city’s emergency – as long as his wife (Elizabeth Shu) and her colleagues dachkaz (Kamila Morrone) abusedhomeowners. When the police are overburdened by the work, Paul, who has fallen victim to revenge, follows that the attackers have their family to satisfy justice. As an anonymous murder of criminals attracted media attention, it is interesting that the gentleman is a guardian of ETAC.Bes and fate clash in an intense thrillerVISH Vish.