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Evernote Sticky Notes

Evernote Sticky Notes Download Torrent

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Evernote is one of the most popular application notes and combines rich notes with advanced productivity tools. But for many users, the whole set of features is not at all, and Evernote Sticky Notes, with the same stability, meets the needs much easier, making complicated or dense resources difficult.

What makes Evernote sticky notes?

This add-on always allows you to fix important notes on your desktop. Each note can have a different color, objectThe easy distinction between different ones or the interest category. All notices will be automatically saved by Evernote account or Dropbox or Google Drive, since they are not only safe, but also easy to obtain prystroyu.Yarlyky add any operations or delete individual notifications from the authorized piece.

Who sticky notes?

Although the most important Evernote program is used for the application of notes. Due to many functions, this program has more than one user ratingIt’s one to make simple notes. Evernote Sticky Notes is a very simple approach to organizing important records and, although it does not have a functional functionality beyond its functionality, its objectives coincide with the use of too much resources.